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community of refugees from Vietnam - east London

Serving people from Vietnam since 1983


Enabling People from Vietnam in East London to improve their lifestyle

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Hearing Vietnamese & Chinese in Tower Hamlets 


Their thoughts on access and feedback to health and social care services

This is a reflection of the engagement event done on the 28th of October 2019 with members of Vietnamese and Chinese communities in East London     READ MORE 


The Community of Refugees from Vietnam will showcase a new short play and dance called Our Journey from Vietnam to Tower Hamlets. This chronicles how refugees escaped from Vietnam by a small fishing boat during the 1980s. It documents how they came to the UK where the community had no connections, and how they navigated a new life in this country.

They would like to introduce Vietnamese culture to residents in Tower Hamlets. The community have resided here
for over 40 years and have kept a low profile. They are a small group within the myriad diverse communities of Tower Hamlets. They are keen to tell the wider world that they are here and share their experiences.           

Activities for Brain Health 

Finding and Arranging Social Care

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