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Advice /Information 


Our organisation can provide advice and information in following areas: Welfare benefits, housing - homeless, health authorities, GP’s, hospital, , utilities etc. We have trained staff and have developed a base of expertise over the years.


Drop-in – Centre 


The community of refugees from Vietnam operates a 5-day a week drop-in centre for Vietnamese/Chinese residents of East London areas . At the drop-in centre, we provide advice on a number of issues, including welfare rights, housing, personal care issues, education, training and job-seeking. We offer practical assistance with these issues as well as referring to other agencies

  Universal Credit - Help to Claim 

​  You need to claim Universal Credit, we can support you to make a new claim for Universal Credit from opening your account to receiving your         first full payment. 

  • Set-up your Universal Credit account

  • Complete your claim to-dos

  • Verify your identity

  • Make sure you’re providing the right evidence to the Jobcentre

  • Understand what Universal Credit will mean for you


  If you are experiencing problems in making or managing a benefits claim, or would just like to find out what you are entitled to, we can help.

  The benefits system can be complicated and confusing to navigate. We can help health - related benefits such as Employment Support.   Allowance or Personal Independence payment, Housing Benefit, Child Benefit,  Council Tax , Funeral Payment and etc ....

  We can help you check if you are entitled to any benefits and help deal with any complications that have arisen through any of your claims such.      as over-payments, deductions or poor administration.

  For ESA and PIP we offer support with:


  • checking entitlement

  • making and managing a claim

  • appeals

  • preparing for tribunal

Housing and Homeless

We offer advice and information for people from Vietnam dealing with problems affecting their home, including disrepair, rent  or threat of eviction and homelessness. 

  • Advice on your housing rights, homelessness, possession and disrepair

  • Help you check for benefits and grants

  • Help you apply for a loan to put towards the costs of a new tenancy 

  • Refer you for help to improve the energy efficiency of your home

  • Apply for social housing 

  • Housing ptions service

  • ​How to make a homeless application 


If you are struggling to manage your money, we can help.

For example, if you are falling behind on your gas or water bills, or you are trying to stay afloat making different payments on credit cards, or you have mortgage or rent or council tax  arrears getting advice is a good first step.


Contact us about the solutions available to you and we will help you find a way forward

Service Range:  People from Vietnam  from 18 years old  who are experiencing distress or hardship and living in East London boroughs




Activity level:    10.00  a.m to 5.00  p.m - 5 days per week

                                       Old Poplar Library - 45 Gillender Street - London E14 6 RN

            To discuss your case, get general advice or book appointment please contact the following number : 07584241468 to arrange

​If we can't help, we know someone who can 

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